Validation & Verification: What You Need to Know

(Webinar length:  1h 33m)


Between USDA and Codex there are slight differences and on top of that the definitions have changed over the years. It is very easy to get confused. By going back to principles, referring to other standards, and using simpler terminology students will clearly understand the intent of both Validation and Verification as well as their practical application. This webinar will help you understand the critical differences between the two concepts and even the confusing, multiple meanings of the terms.

What will be learned:

We will start with Verification as it relates to Prerequisite programs and HACCP (CCP’s) with many examples given. Validation will be explained as it relates to CCP Critical Limits, Allergen Cleaning and the Validation of Prerequisite Programs (required by some GFSI compliant standards) remembering that the concept of validation pervades the entire HACCP process. Examples will include Metal Detection and Allergen Cleaning. We will also discuss the two aspects of Validation from the statistical standpoint: the product risk (microbiological, chemical, physical or allergenic) as well as the capability of the process. Both must be understood to ensure the control of each CCP is robust.

Intended Audience:

  • Food Safety & HACCP Managers
  • Quality Control Supervisors and Managers
  • Corporate Quality Assurance
  • Government and Regulatory Food Auditors
  • Food Safety Auditors
  • Systems Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Plant Managers

Presenter: Irwin Pronk (Principal Advisor, HACCP By Design)

IrwinIrwin Pronk has worked with over 300 companies to implement food safety and quality assurance programs over the past 17 years. He has worked in all sections of the supply chain from agriculture through animal feed production, food processing, distribution and food service. He is a resource for many clients with in-plant facilitation of HACCP & GMP programs (SQF, ISO22000) as well as Management and Quality Systems. Irwin is an FSSC22000 Lead Assessor and was a contributor to the Quality Auditor’s HACCP Handbook (ASQ). He was the winner of the OFPA’s Sanitarian of the Year award in 2005. Prior to consulting he worked with both Pillsbury Canada and Maple Leaf.

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