Managing Sugary Disclosure Without Bitter Aftertaste

(Webinar length:  1h 30m)


Labeling to satisfy a sweet tooth can be challenging amidst anti-sugar shock sentiment. Ingredient names, nutrient claims and quality descriptors about finished products can all be influenced by the sweetening agents used to tastefully meet consumer expectations.

FDA is considering more detailed labeling for sugars within the Nutrition Facts and is clarifying their position on ingredient declarations for commonly used nutritive sweeteners. Sugar ingredient sourcing – beet, cane or corn – can affect “clean labeling” quality claims about the finished product. Sugar-heavy foods are targeted for federal, state and municipal taxing or restrictions.

This webinar will cover minimally required labeling and regulations, policies or rulings for optional claims and statements about sugar and sweeteners including relevant carbohydrate and fiber declarations. It will also address contemporary food policy and public health issues with insights to help avoid a bittersweet backlash from labeling gone sour.

Areas covered in the webinar:

  • Consumer concerns – what the buying public thinks of it all
  • Sugar consumption and product categories, relevant health issues
  • FDA labeling regulations
    • Official definitions for carbohydrates, “simple” sugars and fiber for Nutrition Facts
    • Nutrient content claims and sugar
    • Ingredient labeling - Standards of identity, common/usual names for sweetening agents
    • Whatever happened with “low carb” claims?
  • Natural and GMO status for nutritive, non-sugar alternative and functional sweeteners
  • Updates on controversies - HFCS, ‘Evaporated’ cane ‘juice’, “Net Impact” Carbs
  • Implications for fruit and juice concentrate sweeteners
  • Added vs Inherent – FDA proposed study
  • “Junk” Food Tax Laws
  • Advocacy, public health advisory and 3rd Party ratings influence on recommended amounts

Who will benefit from this webinar:

  • Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Professionals
  • QA and QC Managers
  • Food Scientists, Technologists and Product Developers
  • Government food inspectors
  • Consumer and Marketing Research Professionals
  • Advertising, Brand, Marketing and Public Relations Managers
  • Legal Consultants and Professionals
  • Health and Science Journalists and Reporters
  • Importers and Exporters; International and Foreign Agricultural Trade Reps
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists

Presenter--Lauren Swann

Lauren Swann is President of Concept Nutrition, Inc., specializing in strategies to effectively deliver accurate nutrition messages for industry, media and public health by providing food labeling & nutrient analyses; marketing communications & freelance writing; and cultural food practices consulting services. She’s managed labeling -- for competitive marketplace positioning as well as government compliance -- for hundreds of items including novel ingredients and unprecedented category entries, having gained invaluable experience on a wide range of diverse retail, foodservice, institutional and industrial products while with Kraft Foods. She established the Regulatory Affairs department for Vlasic Foods International. Clients include well known food companies, retailers, restaurants and trade associations. She has guest lectured at leading universities and developed customized label training presentations for industry associations and online courses. Lauren has published dozens of articles as a contributing nutrition writer and field reporter for leading industry publications. She’s also co-authored and written chapters for six books, including the Nutrition Labeling Handbook and has been interviewed by national and local media including NPR. She has an MS in Nutrition Communications from Boston University, a BS in Medical Dietetics from Howard University, is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed in Pennsylvania.

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