Food Origin Labeling

When Names and Claims Matter--Where It Came From

(Webinar length: 1 hr  24m)


This presentation will address what triggers mandatory labeling statements about where foods are made as well as marketing viability and value for optional claims and associated regulatory implications. Examples of product labeling that led to problems, how inaccuracies can be discovered and the consequences that can follow will be included. 

“Local” is one of the hottest labeling claims on the market right now and eco-conscious consumers are abuzz about carbon footprint, miles traveled and supporting their own agricultural area. Yet source-specific artisan and specialty foods are also in demand for their unique characteristics, and while their labeled authenticity is guarded by loyal purveyors, such products are often imported into countries with different rules.

Multi-ingredient composition can create challenges for truthful, non-misleading statements that apply to the entire finished-product; required origin identification for single ingredient foods can be complicated by the amount of processing or procurement from different places for an identical item. Sourcing, production, packing and distribution can be critical control points for an accurate substantiated origin declaration. 

Areas covered in the webinar:

  • Why place names and geographic claims are hot  
  • “Product Of” and company signature statements regulations
  • “Country of Origin” USDA-AMS requirements and World Trade Organization (WTO) issues
  • “Local” claims
  • Geographic region and place names, authenticity and protected status  
  • Codex and Foreign Agricultural Organization (FAO) resources
  • Traceability from farm to fork – how your Supply Chain and HACCP can help
  • Who’s deciding what’s right; federal vs state rules
  • How errors can be identified, fraud can get exposed and potential consequences of discovery 
  • Figuring out the best fit for your products 

Who will benefit from this webinar:

  • Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Professionals
  • QA and QC Managers
  • Food Scientists, Technologists and Product Developers
  • Government food inspectors
  • Consumer and Marketing Research Professionals
  • Advertising, Brand, Marketing and Public Relations Managers
  • Legal Consultants and Professionals
  • Health and Science Journalists and Reporters
  • Importers and Exporters; International and Foreign Agricultural Trade Reps
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists 

Presenter--Lauren Swann, MS, RD, LDN

Lauren Swann is President of Concept Nutrition, Inc., specializing in strategies to effectively deliver accurate nutrition messages for industry, media and public health by providing food labeling & nutrient analyses; marketing communications & freelance writing; and cultural food practices consulting services. She’s managed labeling -- for competitive marketplace positioning as well as government compliance -- for hundreds of items including novel ingredients and unprecedented category entries, having gained invaluable experience on a wide range of diverse retail, foodservice, institutional and industrial products while with Kraft Foods. She established the Regulatory Affairs department for Vlasic Foods International. Clients include well known food companies, retailers, restaurants and trade associations. She has guest lectured at leading universities and developed customized label training presentations for industry associations and online courses. Lauren has published dozens of articles as a contributing nutrition writer and field reporter for leading industry publications. She’s also co-authored and written chapters for six books, including the Nutrition Labeling Handbook and has been interviewed by national and local media including NPR. She has an MS in Nutrition Communications from Boston University, a BS in Medical Dietetics from Howard University, is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed in Pennsylvania. 

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