FSMA Receiver Liability for Supplier Preventative Controls

(Webinar length:  1hr 24min)


The wait for final FSMA Rules is over.  In September, 2015 the FDA published the final FSMA rules for thePreventive Controls for Human and Animal Foods.  The newly published Subpart G rules for “requirements to establish and implement a supply chain program” clearly establish receiver liabilities focused on preventing the potential of supply chain hazards from entering the food supply chain.  New rule requirements include 33 different sections intended to establish what food receivers “must” do to comply.

Both U.S and imported foods are covered.  In the rules, receiver responsibilities for verifying the validity, implementation and documentation of hazard reducing supply-chain-applied controls means that receivers must select, qualify, certify verify and manage suppliers they use.

These new Subpart G rules recognize inherent need for receivers to assure that the food they receive and process are not only the responsibility of the supplier but, now, make the receiver liable for supplier preventive controls as well.

In this session, we will lay out these new supply-chain-applied control rule requirements and explore some of the options open to receivers when it comes to assuring that their own documentation systems provide proof of rule compliance.

Why you should attend:

From the rules, it is clear that the under FSMA, the FDA is making receivers liable for supplier preventive control programs.  Only suppliers clearly approved and qualified by you may now supply foods and ingredients to your operation.  Supplier established hazard preventive controls have now become your hazard preventive controls.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the new supply-chain-applied control requirements
  • Develop a system to collect appropriate supplier qualification and certification records
  • Learn to risk rank your suppliers
  • Eliminate low scoring suppliers to prove your own supplier control system
  • Learn to qualify suppliers, materials, equipment and utilities

Areas covered in this webinar:

  • FDA FSMA Subpart G requirements to establish and implement a supply-chain program
  • Liability
  • Responsibilities of the receiving facility
  • Using approved suppliers
  • Conducting supplier verification activities for raw materials and other ingredients
  • On-sight audits
  • Records requirements

Who will benefit from this webinar:

  • Food Shippers, Processors, Retail and Restaurant Purchasing Groups
  • CEOs, VP and Director Level Personnel
  • Food Safety and Quality Team Members
  • Food Testing labs and Quality Personnel
  • cGMP Specialists
  • Operations personnel
  • Food Process Engineers

Presenter:  Dr. John Ryan

Dr. Ryan is the president of Ryan Systems, Inc.  He holds a Ph.D. in research and statistical methods.  He has recently retired from his position as the administrator for the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture’s Quality Assurance Division where he headed up Hawaii’s commodity inspection, food safety certification and measurement standards service groups.  He has won awards for technology for his visionary and pioneering work.  His Company researches and tests new technologies designed to protect the food supply chain and provide early preventive planning help to supply chain members in need of improving both food safety and quality.

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