Post-Harvest Washing of Fresh Produce

(Webinar length: 1hr 25min)


The following webinar will provide an overview of the post-harvest wash process along with comparative performance of sanitizers. The limitation of using Oxidation Reduction Potential as a means of monitoring wash process will be outlined along with alternative methods than can be applied. The design of verification studies will be covered as well.

The post-harvest wash process remains a key intervention step to ensure the microbiological safety of fresh produce. However, through research it has been established that the extent of pathogen removal is limited with a greater risk of cross-contamination events occurring. Indeed, several high profile foodborne illness outbreaks linked to fresh produce can be attributed to a failure of the wash process due to the lack of sanitizer through deliberate or accidental omission.

Previously the efficacy of the wash process was evaluated on the basis of log count reduction of target pathogens. However, despite the wealth of research the more critical point is the ability of the sanitizer to prevent cross-contamination in the background of high organic loading and microflora. This has led to a re-evaluation on how the wash process is validated, verified and monitored.

The webinar will cover:

  • Sources of contamination and pathogens of most concern in fresh produce processing
  • Case studies on when the wash process goes wrong
  • Physical and chemical antimicrobial applied in post-harvest wash processes
  • Cross-contamination events during commercial wash process
  • Advances in monitoring the wash process
  • Design of validation and verification trials to demonstrate control of post-harvest washing

Who will benefit from this webinar:

  • Microbiologists
  • QA and QC Managers
  • Food Scientists and Technologists
  • Academics in the food safety area
  • Diagnostic suppliers
  • Food safety personnel
  • HACCP coordinators
  • Government policy makers and inspection services

Presenter–Dr. Keith Warriner:

Dr. Warriner is currently an Associate Professor within the Department of Food Science at University of Guelph, Canada. Dr. Warriner received his BSc in Food Science from the University of Nottingham, UK and PhD in Microbial Physiology from the University College of Wales Aberystwyth, UK. He later went on to work on biosensors within the University of Manchester, UK and subsequently returned to the University of Nottingham to become a Research Fellow in Food Microbiology. He joined the Faculty of the University of Guelph in 2002.

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