Easing the Pain for Food Importers

(Webinar length:  1 hr 14 min)


Importing food products into the United States come with a complex variety of regulations from the Food and Drug Administration. When you pull back the curtain on FDA regulations, it can be overwhelming for businesses to navigate through the process. This webinar will cover the import process and offer proactive solutions to document preparation, understanding FDA holds, import alerts, and other pain points felt by food importers.

Areas covered in this webinar:

  • Laws and regulations for food imports (Bioterrorism Law, Food Safety Modernization Act, Canning Establishment)
  • Import procedures for northern US/Canadian border
  • Import procedures for air and ocean ports
  • Import alerts
  • Notices of Action and problem resolution
  • Document preparation
  • Monitoring FDA status

Who should attend:

  • International logistics operations professional
  • Supply chain managers
  • Compliance managers
  • Purchasing Personnel
  • Risk managers
  • Senior Management

Presenter–Kathleen Raymond

Ms. Raymond is the Manager of FDA Compliance at Livingston International. Livingston is one of the largest Customs Brokerage firms in North America with over 38,000 clients, and over 100 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Livingston specializes in global trade management, customs brokerage, trade consulting and freight forwarding.

Livingston’s FDA Compliance team operates with their department of Regulatory Affairs and targets specifically FDA regulations and problem resolution of FDA entries. Ms. Raymond has provided training both internally and to clients on FDA importation. She regularly presents webinars on FDA regulatory updates and the Food Safety Modernization Act as well as published articles on FSMA.

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