FDA Food Import Compliance and Customs Best Practices

(Webinar length:  1hr 14min)


FDA food import compliance requirements are very specific and robust which creates an environment of more than just good compliant practices. Importers who have to adhere to FDA food regulations from the point of manufacture registration, food facilities registration, product code building, quality affirmation, prior notice and classification are well equipped to manage FDA regulatory requirements as long as those aforementioned topics are addressed proactively. U.S. Customs and Border Protection, however has additional specific rules and regulations that must be met in order for Food importers to realize timely import delivery and access to their goods. There are several internal controls in place at Food importers that can complement the best practices of the Customs compliance management requirement. This webinar will deliver best practices that will help Food Importers understand compliance requirements and how to meet them in a cost effective manner without reinventing the wheel.

Areas covered:

  • Managing Customs requirements for Food importers
  • Product Registration determination
    Importer compliance requirements for Prior Notice
  • Importer Security Filing management
  • Commercial invoice content verification for Food Importers
  • FDA Labeling vs Customs origin labeling requirements

Who should attend:

  • Purchasing Personnel
  • Finance personnel
  • International logistics operations professionals
  • Compliance managers
  • Supply Chain managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Senior management

Presenter—Rennie Alston:

Rennie Alston is currently Chief Executive Officer of The American River Group of Companies, parent company to a premiere international trade consulting firm. He is also the CEO and founder of The Alston Group International Trade Consultants Inc., specializing in U.S. Customs regulations, documentation and operations procedures; he is a licensed customhouse broker who holds over thirty years of interactive work experience with the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection.

For more than twenty years, he has served as senior instructor for the World Trade Institute, of Pace University, School of International Trade and Commerce, Baruch College, Union County College and the City University of New York conducting New York State Board of Education, college accredited courses on U.S. Customs Regulations and Documentation, as well as Customs Brokerage License Preparation Workshop, Import Export Compliance and Customs Entry Preparation Workshop, and Global Security Compliance.
He has consulted and provided training to companies including Corning Inc., Amgen, ITT, Ralph Lauren Polo, Becton Dickenson, Celgene Corporation, and Monsanto Corporation.

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