Food Packaging: New Materials & Processing Technologies

(Webinar length:  1hr  14min)


This webinar will examine recent examples of new materials and processing technologies that appear to have gained sufficient momentum to alter the food packaging landscape, and the implications for packaging suppliers in cases where packaging performance capabilities and parameters become central to food safety issues.
There have been breathless announcements aplenty in the packaging world about “breakthrough” technologies that will fundamentally alter food packaging practices. The focus is very much on “active” and “intelligent” packaging. But, it is the commercialization of a packaging technology that affects packaging purchasing and sales strategies, not technological capability.

However, there is some recent technological commercialization for both food processing and packaging materials that will have effects on packaging manufacturers and distributors who supply the food industry. These changes will also affect the place packaging suppliers will occupy in HACCP plans relating to their customers’ products. Particularly as packaging suppliers will be expected to implement GFSI Benchmarked quality and safety programs.

Areas covered in this webinar:

  • Examples of recent commercialization of advanced packaging materials that affect Modified Atmosphere and Active Scavenging.
  • Recently evolving food sterilization techniques that will affect market demand for certain packaging materials and types.
  • The likely effects “Active” packaging strategies on HACCP plans that must be considered by packaging suppliers.

Who should attend:

  • Food packaging manufacturers, distributors and brokers
  • Quality managers
  • Executive managers
  • Production/warehouse managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • Sales managers

Presenter—Lonnie Jaycox:

Mr.Jaycox is an independent packaging engineer, consultant and trainer in the implementation of compliance and packaging programs for regulated materials – Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods), as well as packaging materials conversion under a variety of regulations, including Food and Food Safety Management Systems, California RPPC and the EU Packaging Directive.

Mr. Jaycox has spent over 20 years working directly with a broad spectrum of packaging customers designing, testing and implementing hundreds of transport packaging programs utilizing a wide variety of packaging materials and design types. His expertise covers managing packaging programs in the areas of effectiveness, optimization in design, ease of implementation, program cost, Quality Systems, regulatory compliance, and transport packaging systems including the implementation of GFSI Food Safety Management Systems for food packaging.
Mr. Jaycox has been active in industry and related organizations, including: Dangerous Goods Advisory Counsel, COSTHA, ASTM and IoPP and has been trained and tested (NSF) as a HACCP Manager and Internal Auditor.


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