GFSI for the Packaging Supply Chain

(Webinar length:  1hr 21min)


Packaging is a “food ingredient”, so says the FDA.
In addition to the FDA regulations governing the manufacture and use of packaging, packaging manufacturers, brokers and distributors that service the food sector are facing increasing customer demands to implement and be certified under a GFSI benchmarked Food Safety and Quality Management System. While many of the features of benchmarked food safety management systems would look familiar to standard quality programs in a packaging manufacturer, there are some novel requirements that require implementation of new policies, programs and procedures that are broader in scope and more rigorous in documentation than is customary in the packaging field.

This webinar will examine the common system elements of these benchmarked standards that will be required to be addressed by any organization offering food packaging to the industry. Evaluation of the common elements of these systems against current systems in an organization can clarify considerations in both the selection of and a timely implementation. There is often much work to be done before a GAP analysis is even useful. This can save thousands of dollars over the current methods of implementation that usually begin with a GAP analysis, allowing for the use of the pre-audit resources to now close a manageable number of final GAP issues.

Organization of existing internal resources and an early start is key to meeting customer demands while preventing the need for “crash programs” that require extensive (and expensive) outside resources.

Areas covered:

  • Systems and documentation requirements common to all GFSI benchmarked standards.
  • Incremental strategies to build the required systems with minimal disruption to ongoing business.
  • Building a properly scaled implementation team with the required breadth of expertise.
  • Analyzing current systems to focus resources efficiently in building them to meet the requirements of standards – with a focus on IFS PACsecure. This may include modifying existing systems, or in some cases, building new systems in the organization.

Who should attend:

  • Food packaging manufacturers, distributors and brokers
  • Quality managers
  • Executive managers
  • Production/warehouse managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • Sales managers

Presenter—Lonnie Jaycox:

Mr.Jaycox is an independent packaging engineer, consultant and trainer in the implementation of compliance and packaging programs for regulated materials – Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods), as well as packaging materials conversion under a variety of regulations, including Food and Food Safety Management Systems, California RPPC and the EU Packaging Directive.

Mr. Jaycox has spent over 20 years working directly with a broad spectrum of packaging customers designing, testing and implementing hundreds of transport packaging programs utilizing a wide variety of packaging materials and design types. His expertise covers managing packaging programs in the areas of effectiveness, optimization in design, ease of implementation, program cost, Quality Systems, regulatory compliance, and transport packaging systems including the implementation of GFSI Food Safety Management Systems for food packaging.
Mr. Jaycox has been active in industry and related organizations, including: Dangerous Goods Advisory Counsel, COSTHA, ASTM and IoPP and has been trained and tested (NSF) as a HACCP Manager and Internal Auditor.

Presenter—George Gansner:

Mr. Gansner is based in the USA and is responsible for the global marketing and business development of the IFS family of food safety and quality standards including IFS Food, IFS Logistics, IFS PACsecure, IFS Broker, IFS Cash & Carry, and IFS Household & Personal Care. He also has responsibility for management of IFS Standards in the Americas. His focus is on building awareness of the IFS Standards in developing markets, as well as managing the business associated with the Standards’ growth in the Americas, including infrastructure, operations, Retailer, Supplier, Certification Body, and Auditor Development, Training, and Working Group management among other general marketing and business development programs.

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