Avoiding FDA Criminal Liability for Failing To Comply With FSMA

(Webinar length:  1hr 23min)


Armed with expansive new powers under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), FDA is becoming increasingly aggressive during its food safety inspections and investigations. The agency has also announced that it will begin using criminal prosecution as a tool to ensure compliance with FSMA. Indeed, in a number of high-profile cases, FDA has demonstrated its willingness to bring criminal charges against food company executives and employees. In addition to announcing the broader use of criminal sanctions, FDA has at the same time granted itself almost limitless power to gain access without a warrant to virtually any company record during the course of an inspection or investigation.
Given the agency’s significant new power and aggressive approach to enforcement, learn about the reach of FDA’s new powers, recent cases in which FDA has issued criminal charges, the standards under which you or your company can be criminally prosecuted by FDA, and how to protect your rights during the course of a FDA inspection or investigation.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about FDA’s power to criminally charge food companies and employees
  • Learn about cases where employees have been prosecuted by FDA
  • Learn about the conditions in your facility that can lead to jail time
  • Learn about how to protect yourself from criminal prosecution

Who should attend:

  • QA and QC Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Food Scientists and Technologists
  • Food Safety Personnel
  • HACCP Coordinators
  • Government food inspectors
  • Microbiologists and Food Processing Engineers
  • Food attorneys

Presenter--Shawn K. Stevens:

Mr. Stevens is one of the only lawyers in America who devotes his entire practice to representing the food industry.

For more than a decade, he has worked with food industry clients (including the world’s largest food processors, national restaurant chains, and food distributors and grocers) helping them protect their brand by proactively reducing their food safety exposure, complying with complex food safety regulations, coordinating recall efforts, and defending high-profile foodborne illness claims.

In addition to his legal consulting practice, he also serves as the only Food Safety and Food Quality mediator in the nation, helping parties who have food safety or quality disagreements (whether in advance of or during litigation) resolve their disputes.

Mr. Stevens authors dedicated food safety columns for the National Provisioner, Food Safety Tech, and Food Quality Magazine.

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