Avoiding Consumer Dissatisfaction

(Webinar Length:  1hr 6min)


Successful food and consumer products are often reformulated or altered in order to improve their nutritional value (e.g. fat or sodium reduction, fiber enhancement), provide different performance benefits, or simply to reduce costs. A major liability in such changes is the possibility that loyal users of the product will be disappointed in the new version when their expectations fail to be met. The sensory properties of products are key to consumer satisfaction, and a major factor in trial and repurchase.


This presentation will highlight two measures of consumer dissatisfaction, using the concept of alienation, and the technique of penalty analysis. Alienation is a change in the attitude of brand-loyal or frequent users of the product, in a negative direction, and it can be measured in several ways. Penalty analysis combines affective (like-dislike) opinion ratings with scales for the optimum levels of an ingredient or flavor, commonly called “just-about-right” scales. Both of these approaches have their methodological nuances (for best practices) and pitfalls. When used in combination, they can provide important information for insuring consumer satisfaction with reformulated products. These principles will be illustrated in a case study of reformulated restaurant menu items.


What you will learn:  


  • To understand the concept of consumer alienation and how to measure it
  • To understand penalty analysis and how it is applied
  • To see how these two tools can be used to mitigate the risk in management decisions about product reformulations



Who should attend:


  • Product developers
  • Consumer Insights professionals
  • Food and consumer products marketing managers
  • Sensory evaluation specialists
  • Marketing research professionals
  • Nutritionists, dieticians and menu planners
  • Culinary professionals
  • Research scientists in foods, consumer products and OTC


Presenter--Dr. Harry Lawless:

Dr. Harry Lawless is Professor Emeritus of Food Science at Cornell University , where he taught sensory evaluation and flavor science for 24 years. He is internationally recognized as a leading authority in sensory testing of foods and taste and smell research. Dr. Lawless is co-author of the leading textbook in sensory testing: Sensory Evaluation of Foods, Principles and Practices with Dr. Hildegarde Heymann of the University of California, Davis. Dr. Lawless received his PhD from Brown University and BA from Yale. He is the author of over 200 scientific papers and technical articles. During his professional career he has worked at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, S. C. Johnson Wax, General Mills, General Foods, Peryam and Kroll Research and the U. S. Army Natick Food Laboratories.  His new book, Quantitative Sensory Analysis, was just published by Wiley-Blackwell.

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