HARPC – Practical Design & Implementation

(Webinar length:  1 hr  23 min) 


FSMA implementation, along with Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Controls (HARPC), has the potential of taking food safety to the next level. 
Currently there is a great deal of confusion around what is or is not a CCP, oPRP, CP, PRP etc.  There is even some miss-use of the CCP Decision Tree to avoid calling some steps a CCP with the only motive to reduce the burden of paperwork.
HARPC pushes past the definitions and politics encouraging a thorough, science-based program to be developed with clear and detailed hazard analyses and carefully described controls over each risk. 
For many sites, compliance to one of the GFSI-compliant standards is also necessary.  The course will describe how to fulfill the requirements of both HARPC as well as, for example, BRC sections 5.2.1 (ingredient risk assessment) and 5.2.3 (process risk assessment), and to combine this into one overall food safety plan.  Integrate your risk management programs.

Learning objectives:

  • Clarify the requirements for a HARPC plan.
  • Demonstrate the importance of detail within the Hazard Analysis
  • Show the integration of hazard analysis between HARPC and GFSI- compliant standards
  • Review an example format of a HARPC plan

Intended Audience:

  • Plant Management Team
  • Director / VP of Quality
  • QA / QC Managers
  • HACCP Coordinators

Presenter--Irwin Pronk

Principal Advisor, HACCP By Design.
Irwin Pronk has worked with over 300 companies to implement food safety and quality assurance programs over the past 15 years. He has worked on all sections of the supply chain from agriculture through animal feed production, food processing, distribution and food service. He is a resource for many clients with in-plant facilitation of HACCP & GMP programs (SQF, ISO22000) and is an ISO22000 Lead Assessor. Irwin was a contributor to the Quality Auditor’s HACCP Handbook (ASQ). When it comes to management systems, he is a firm believer in the integration of risk management systems as well as using a behaviour-based approach. He was the winner of the OFPA’s Sanitarian of the Year award in 2005. Prior to consulting he worked with both Pillsbury Canada and Maple Leaf.

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