USDA-FSIS vs. FDA Labeling


(Webinar length:  1hr 16m)


“Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has jurisdiction over 80 percent of the food supply, including seafood, dairy and produce. The US Dept of Agriculture (USDA) regulates meat, poultry and processed egg products, while FDA regulates all other food products.”
- FDA, USDA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Statements on Food Safety 

Both FDA and USDA have their own set of regulations for food labeling requirements which comparatively are sometimes the same and sometimes very different. The USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS) has a required labeling pre-approval process but also permits some products to be generically approved with accompanying record keeping at the production plant level without submission to their Washington, DC office.

USDA-FSIS has published procedures for a "Non-Genetically Engineered" statement on meat and poultry products qualifying as USDA organic. Trends that affect names, claims, ingredients and nutrition can have a range of implications for products subject to different government agency regulations. Identifying key labeling elements to cross-check while managing mixed product lines is valuable for consistent messaging across a brand group, category or line extensions. Determining best practices is vital for delivering compliant labeling that achieves desired marketplace positioning.

This webinar will address similarities and differences in:

  • Process and approach – USDA-FSIS prior and generic approval labeling processes
  • Regulations, Standards, Policies, Guidance and Compliance basics and resources   
  • Minimum requirements – product names, ingredient lists, nutrition facts, net contents, origin 
  • Optional Claims – nutrient content, ingredient, quality, health related, animal-raising
  • When USDA requires more – “natural” defined, safe handling  
  • USDA labeling authority from the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) School Meals Child Nutrition (CN)
  • Contemporary issues – finely textured beef; “natural” and genetically modified (GMO) claims; litigation; trends    

Who will benefit from this webinar:

  • Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Professionals
  • QA and QC Managers
  • Food Scientists, Technologists & Product Developers
  • Government food inspectors
  • Consumer & Marketing Research Professionals
  • Advertising, Brand, Marketing & Public Relations Managers
  • Legal Consultants and Professionals
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists

Presenter--Lauren Swann

Lauren Swann is President of Concept Nutrition, Inc., specializing in strategies to effectively deliver accurate nutrition messages for industry, media and public health.  She established the Regulatory Affairs department for Vlasic Foods International. Clients include well known food companies, retailers, restaurants and trade associations.  She’s co-authored and written chapters for six books, including the Nutrition Labeling Handbook and has been interviewed by national and local media including NPR. She has an MS in Nutrition Communications from Boston University, a BS in Medical Dietetics from Howard University, is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed in Pennsylvania.

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