Allergens: Contamination & FSMA ImpactAntibiotic Use in Meat Production: Risks vs. BenefitsAuditing Microbiology Testing Laboratories



Bacterial Spores in the Food IndustryBacteriophages for Controlling PathogensBeer Brewing and Malting 101

Dormant But Dangerous Microbial Contaminants

Controlling Pathogens in Agriculture and Food Processing


Biofilms in the Dairy IndustryChallenges of Reduced Sodium RTE Meat ProductsCleaning & Sanitizing Chemical Testing for GFSI

 Recent trends and control


Use of Chemical Testing in Verification of Cleaning & Sanitizing Programs for GFSI Audit Schemes

Clostridium Botulinum: Old Enemy, New ThreatCold Food Preservation TechnologiesCulture-Free Techniques for Pathogen Screening

Update & analysis of innovative trends& applications for safety & shelf-life extension

Environmental SamplingFermented Foods: Number One Food Trend of 2017Food Packaging: New Materials & Processing Technologies

Designing & Implementing a Plan

Fresh-Cut Processing & Post-Harvest WashingFresh Juices--Technological TrendsGenetically Engineered (GE) Animals

Challenges and Solutions


Applications, Regulations, Implications, and Labeling

High Pressure Processing & Plastic PackagingImpact of Food Safety Principles on Mfg Processing EquipmentImprove the Cleaning System in Your Food Plant

Process requirements and suitability



Improving Microbiological Safety of Cantaloupes & Leafy GreensInnovative Solutions for Food ProcessingListeria: Risk Prevention and Control

Using Post-Harvest Decontamination Technologies



Marijuana Edibles Microwave Oven Heating and the Safety of Prepared MealsMilk Treatment Technologies

The challenges of cooking and reheating refrigerated low salt foods in microwaves

 For Distribution & Storage

Nanotechnology and NanomaterialsNew Developments in Real Time Testing for Microbial Levels Preventing Recalls: Combining Food Safety and Quality Planning

 Novel applications for use of nanotechnology  


For growers, distributors, packagers and processing operations 

Rapid MicrobiologyReducing Microbial Contamination on FoodsSafe Sprouted Seeds – Interventions and Regulations

Progress Towards Real-Time Testing For Microbial Levels In Foods



Safer Fresh ProduceSanitation During Food ProcessingSocial Media--Evidence Collection and Official Investigations

Novel processing techniques for safer fresh produce

A roadmap to safer food during processing


Traceability and Controls to Reduce Risk and Recall Trends in Water Treatment and RecyclingUV Light Processing of Fluid Foods & Beverages

Improving Safety & Quality with Cost Savings

Wine Microbiology

Advances In Alcoholic & Malolactic Fermentations