ABC's of Food Labeling for Marketing to KidsAntibiotic Use in Meat Production: Risks vs. BenefitsAvoiding FDA Criminal Liability for Failing To Comply With FSMA

FDA and USDA regulations 


Bacterial Spores in the Food IndustryBiofilms in the Dairy IndustryBring Your Own Device ("BYOD") and Social Media: Risks, Policies

Dormant But Dangerous Microbial Contaminants

 Recent trends and control

Practical tips, tools and lessons re: Bring Your Own Device

Cleaning & Sanitizing Chemical Testing for GFSICultural & Religious Influences on the Food IndustryDeveloping A Food Processing Sanitation Plan

Use of Chemical Testing in Verification of Cleaning & Sanitizing Programs for GFSI Audit Schemes

An overview of food and dietary habits unique to specific populations

Dietary Supplement LabelingEnhancing Food Safety In The Fresh Produce SectorEnsuring Regulatory Compliance of Food Processors
Farm ContaminantsFDA FSMA Avoiding Criminal ConsequencesFDA FSMA Carrier Certification Training: Three (3) Modules*

Prevention Against Entering The Food Supply Chain


Food Import Detections and SeizuresFood Origin LabelingFood Poisoning Lawsuits


When Names and Claims Matter--Where It Came From

Learning From the mistakes of others

Food Safety Audit Schemes and ComplianceFood Retailers' Top 10 Labeling IssuesFresh-Cut Processing & Post-Harvest Washing

Assessing food safety compliance in food operations through auditing

Getting it Right--Grocery & Supermarkets, Convenience & Discount Stores 

Challenges and Solutions

FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification & 3rd Party AccreditationFSMA Receiver Liability for Supplier Preventative ControlsFSMA Rule Requirement: Environmental Monitoring
FSMA Rule Requirement: Validation of Process ControlsFSMA Transport Rules: US Food Importers and Foreign SuppliersGFSI Audit Schemes: Guide to Food Safety Certification


GFSI Certification and Re-Certification AuditsGFSI for the Packaging Supply ChainGMPs and HARPC Under New FSMA
HACCPHARPC – Practical Design & ImplementationImpact of Food Safety Principles on Mfg Processing Equipment

Designing systems, managing risks



Internal Auditing Basics for GFSI Food Safety SchemesISO22000:2005 - PART I and IILabeling Beverages and Energy Drinks: Fluid Facts


Method of hazard analysis that result in OPR and PRP in critical controls

Regulations for labeling beverage and drink products

Labeling for Taste When Halting the SaltLanguage of Contemporary Food LabelingLegal Consequences of Poor Food Safety

Regulatory requirements for sodium and flavor labeling and optional declarations


Case studies providing an overview of the various methods of proving a foodborne illness claim

Lessons from the Largest Meat Recall in Canadian HistoryManaging FDA High-Risk Food Inspection 2-Part WebinarManaging Pet Food Safety Issues




Managing Sugary Disclosure Without Bitter AftertasteMeeting FSMA Hazard Analysis: Prevention PlanningNanotechnology and Nanomaterials

The required labeling and regulations about sweeteners including carbohydrate and fiber declarations


 Novel applications for use of nanotechnology  

Pesticides in FoodsPlanning and Conducting Product RecallsPower of Nutraceuticals and "Super" Foods

Residues, Regulations, Risks, Reality

 Crisis management.


Protein Trends in Food: What, Where How, WhySeafood LabelingSpecifications Development and Implementation


Factual Fish Labeling

Maintaining food safety and customer satisfaction

SQF 7th Edition: Important Features and Recent ChangesThe Changing Face Of The Sprouted Seed IndustryThe New Food Standard BRC Issue #7



How to implement the changes

Trans-itioning - What's Up with That Fat? USDA's Beef Grading and CertificationUSDA-FSIS vs. FDA Labeling

How Different Fatty Acids Figure into Food Products


Managing Mixed Product Labeling Lines

Validation & Verification: What You Need to KnowWhat To Expect When Expecting Your First FSMA InspectionYour Food Safety Recall Plan Will Not Save You

Verification and Prerequisite programs and HACCP,  Validation and CCP Critical Limits, Allergen Cleaning