ABC's of Food Labeling for Marketing to KidsAdvertising Claim SubstantiationAllergens: Contamination & FSMA Impact

FDA and USDA regulations 

A consumer testing perspective

Antibiotic Use in Meat Production: Risks vs. BenefitsAntimicrobial Coatings:Food Contact and NonFood Contact SurfacesAuditing Microbiology Testing Laboratories




Auditing Quality & Risk Management Systems 101Auditing The Welfare of Cattle and PigsAvoiding Consumer Dissatisfaction
Avoiding FDA Criminal Liability for Failing To Comply With FSMABacterial Spores in the Food IndustryBacteriophages for Controlling Pathogens

Dormant But Dangerous Microbial Contaminants

Controlling Pathogens in Agriculture and Food Processing

Basic Statistics for Microbiological SamplingBeer Brewing and Malting 101Big Data in Food Safety: Trends and Opportunities



Biobased Packaging But Not BiodegradableBiofilms in the Dairy IndustryBring Your Own Device ("BYOD") and Social Media: Risks, Policies


 Recent trends and control

Practical tips, tools and lessons re: Bring Your Own Device

Building Food Safety and Quality Improvement TeamsBusiness Continuity & Disaster RecoveryButanol, Tomorrow’s Fuel, from Agricultural Residues

Recent developments, integration, and economics

Challenges of Reduced Sodium RTE Meat ProductsClean Labeling and Natural Food AdditivesCleaning & Sanitizing Chemical Testing for GFSI


Meeting consumer demands without compromising functionality, safety, shelf-stability and ethics

Use of Chemical Testing in Verification of Cleaning & Sanitizing Programs for GFSI Audit Schemes

Cleaning Compounds and SanitizersClostridium Botulinum: Old Enemy, New ThreatClostridium Difficile

Superb sanitation through optimal matching


Significance, prevalence and opportunities

Cold Food Preservation TechnologiesComing Clean on Hand Washing and SanitizersCommon Food Microbiology Laboratory Errors

Update & analysis of innovative trends& applications for safety & shelf-life extension



Controlling Cross Contamination Through the Supply ChainControlling Wine Spoilage: Harvest To ConsumerCultural & Religious Influences on the Food Industry

An overview of food and dietary habits unique to specific populations

Culture-Free Techniques for Pathogen ScreeningDairy Industry Microbial ChallengesDeveloping A Food Processing Sanitation Plan
Developing S.M.A.R.T. GoalsDietary Supplement LabelingEasing the Pain for Food Importers
Enhancing Food Safety In The Fresh Produce SectorEnsuring Regulatory Compliance of Food ProcessorsEnsuring Safe and Secure Food Systems

Trends and challenges in food defense and safety

Environmental SamplingFarm ContaminantsFDA Food Import Compliance and Customs Best Practices

Designing & Implementing a Plan

Prevention Against Entering The Food Supply Chain

FDA FSMA Avoiding Criminal ConsequencesFDA FSMA Carrier Certification Training: Three (3) Modules*Fermented Foods: Number One Food Trend of 2017


Focus Groups for Product DevelopmentFood Cargo Theft: Prevention and responseFood Defense: Protecting Your Business


Food FraudFood Import Detections and SeizuresFood Labeling for Sweetness



Food Origin LabelingFood Packaging: New Materials & Processing TechnologiesFood Poisoning Lawsuits

When Names and Claims Matter--Where It Came From


Learning From the mistakes of others

Food Preference TestingFood Retailers' Top 10 Labeling IssuesFood Safety Audit Schemes and Compliance

Preference testing, the No-preference option, Replication, and the Dufus Factor

Getting it Right--Grocery & Supermarkets, Convenience & Discount Stores 

Assessing food safety compliance in food operations through auditing

Food Safety Culture: New Tools for Assessing and Enhancing Food Safety for Low Moisture Foods and Intervention StrategiesFood Safety Risk Communication




Fresh-Cut Processing & Post-Harvest WashingFresh Juices--Technological TrendsFSMA Foreign Supplier Verification & 3rd Party Accreditation

Challenges and Solutions


FSMA 'Qualified Individual' Training & Certification 2-Modules*FSMA Receiver Liability for Supplier Preventative ControlsFSMA Rule Requirement: Environmental Monitoring


FSMA Rule Requirement: Validation of Process ControlsFSMA Transport Rules: US Food Importers and Foreign SuppliersGenetically Engineered (GE) Animals


Applications, Regulations, Implications, and Labeling

GFSI Audit Schemes: Guide to Food Safety CertificationGFSI Certification and Re-Certification AuditsGFSI for the Packaging Supply Chain
GMPs and HARPC Under New FSMAGood Manufacturing Practices for Dietary SupplementsHACCP

Designing systems, managing risks

HARPC – Practical Design & ImplementationHigh Pressure Processing & Plastic PackagingHow Large A Sample Do I Need?


Process requirements and suitability


Identifying and Controlling Mold in the Food IndustryImpact of Food Safety Principles on Mfg Processing EquipmentImprove the Cleaning System in Your Food Plant



Improving Microbiological Safety of Cantaloupes & Leafy GreensImproving Safety Of Foods Using UV LightIn-Plant Validation for Food Safety

Using Post-Harvest Decontamination Technologies

Improving the microbiological and chemical safety of foods

Innovative Solutions for Food ProcessingIntelligent Design in Sensory TestsInternal Auditing 101 In the FSMA Age


Complete Blocks; Stuart Maxwell & McNemar Tests 


Internal Auditing Basics for GFSI Food Safety SchemesIs Rancidity Driving You Nuts?ISO22000:2005 - PART I and II



Method of hazard analysis that result in OPR and PRP in critical controls

Labeling Beverages and Energy Drinks: Fluid FactsLabeling for Gluten-Free & Other Ingredients of AvoidanceLabeling for Taste When Halting the Salt

Regulations for labeling beverage and drink products

Allergens, Intolerances & Hypersensitivities:  When Food Becomes The Foe

Regulatory requirements for sodium and flavor labeling and optional declarations

Language of Contemporary Food LabelingLean Six SigmaLegal Consequences of Poor Food Safety


 Optimizing Safety, Quality & Costs

Case studies providing an overview of the various methods of proving a foodborne illness claim

Lessons from the Largest Meat Recall in Canadian HistoryLessons Learned From The Chipotle Foodborne Illness OutbreaksLessons Learned From 2015 Outbreaks–2016 Predictions and Trends


Listeria: Control Advances in Cheese and Other FoodsListeria: Risk Prevention and Control Managing FDA High-Risk Food Inspection 2-Part Webinar


Managing Pet Food Safety IssuesManaging Sugary Disclosure Without Bitter AftertasteMarijuana Edibles


The required labeling and regulations about sweeteners including carbohydrate and fiber declarations

Maximizing HACCP System by Creating a Strong Food Safety CultureMeat Industry IssuesMeat Microbiology 101

How to implement food safety systems such as GMPs and HACCP to address risks

Examining the critical issues facing the meat industry

Pathogens of concern and intervention options

Meeting FSMA Hazard Analysis: Prevention PlanningMeta AnalysisMethods for Product Mapping

Systematic reviews and understanding effectiveness

Developing marketing strategies as product opportunities

Microbiological Safety Of CheeseMicrowave Oven Heating and the Safety of Prepared MealsMilk Treatment Technologies

Issues, solutions and trends

The challenges of cooking and reheating refrigerated low salt foods in microwaves

 For Distribution & Storage

Nanotechnology and NanomaterialsNew Developments in Real Time Testing for Microbial Levels Norovirus Contamination & Control

 Novel applications for use of nanotechnology  

Nutrition Labeling and Claims--2-Part WebinarObesity & Nutrition: Present and FutureOrganic and Conventional Foods:Safety and Nutritional Comparison

What's required, desired , and expected next

Understanding nutrition issues viewed through the lens of obesity


Organic Milk--Is it Worth the Price?OSHA RecordkeepingPest Control

Examining the contoversial industry


An essential tool for effective sanitation in food processing

Pesticides in FoodsPlanning and Conducting Product RecallsPost-Harvest Washing of Fresh Produce

Residues, Regulations, Risks, Reality

 Crisis management.

Poultry Processing Advances: Prevention & Controlling PathogensPower of Nutraceuticals and "Super" FoodsPreventing Recalls: Combining Food Safety and Quality Planning


For growers, distributors, packagers and processing operations 

Process Variation ReductionProcessed Meats as Bad as Smoking?Product Recalls & Product Liability Lawsuits

Simultaneous improvement of quality and productivity

Separating Fact from Fiction and Alternatives to Nitrites in Processed Meats

Food Packaging & Processing Equipment

Protein Trends in Food: What, Where How, WhyQuality by DesignRapid Microbiology


Strategies for implementing

Progress Towards Real-Time Testing For Microbial Levels In Foods

Raw MilkRecord RetentionRecruiting for the Best Candidates in 2012

Political football or food safety issue

Rethinking records retention practices

Turn recruiting into a sales process

Reducing Microbial Contamination on FoodsRisk Assessment in Food Microbiology 101Safe Sprouted Seeds – Interventions and Regulations

 Providing a basic introduction to risk analysis.


Safer Fresh ProduceSalmonella: Detection and Control AdvancesSanitation During Food Processing

Novel processing techniques for safer fresh produce


A roadmap to safer food during processing

Seafood Food Safety: Risk Assessment and Intervention StrategiesSeafood LabelingSensory Discrimination Tests


Factual Fish Labeling

Better models for testing. Thurstone made easy

Sensory Science: The Importance of EquivalenceSocial Media--Evidence Collection and Official InvestigationsSpecifications Development and Implementation

Proving equivalence in product research, sensory, and consumer testing 


Maintaining food safety and customer satisfaction

Spices: Controlling Hazards--Supply Chain Controls SQF 7th Edition: Important Features and Recent ChangesStrategy of Experimentation


Accelerating speed to successful product launch

Supply Chain Traceability is Going DigitalSurface DecontaminationSurviving the Food Recall Maelstrom


System for Continued Process VerificationTen Big Ideas in Sensory Science & Product DevelopmentThe Changing Face Of The Sprouted Seed Industry

Principles to integrate the tools needed to implement and operate such a system

 The 10 basic principles of human sensory function and sensation-driven consumer behavior.

The New Food Standard BRC Issue #7 The Psychology of Consumer PreferencesThe Siege on Salt: Does It Make Sense?

How to implement the changes



The Top 10 Mistakes In Sensory Evaluation and Consumer ResearchTop Six Non-O157 E. coliTraceability and Controls to Reduce Risk and Recall



Classed as adulterants: Background, detection, control and implications

Trans-itioning - What's Up with That Fat? Trends in Water Treatment and RecyclingUSDA's Beef Grading and Certification

How Different Fatty Acids Figure into Food Products

USDA-FSIS vs. FDA LabelingUnhealthy Foods: Why We Do We Keep Eating?Using Social Media to Build Food Sales

Managing Mixed Product Labeling Lines

A Sensory Science Perspective


UV Light Processing of Fluid Foods & BeveragesValidation & Verification: What You Need to KnowWhat To Expect When Expecting Your First FSMA Inspection

Improving Safety & Quality with Cost Savings

Verification and Prerequisite programs and HACCP,  Validation and CCP Critical Limits, Allergen Cleaning 

Wine MicrobiologyWorkplace BullyingYour Food Safety Recall Plan Will Not Save You

Advances In Alcoholic & Malolactic Fermentations